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Shane Schutz District Office sschutz@napavineschools.org Superintendent 
Debbie Wickert District Office dwickert@napavineschools.org Payroll/Personnel 
Amber Woodrum District Office awoodrum@napavineschools.org Office Assistant 
Gina Bluhm District Office gbluhm@napavineschools.org Business Manager 
Kelly Hylton District Office khylton@napavineschools.org Accounts Payable/Secretary 
Stacey Carbaugh Elementary School scarbaugh@napavineschools.org Title/Lap Services 
Lorena Caviness Elementary School lcaviness@napavineschools.org Special Education 
Laura Stanley Elementary School lstanley@napavineschools.org Secretary/Elementary Student Records 
Debbie Bagge Elementary School dbagge@napavineschools.org Secretary 
Paul Lewis Elementary School plewis@napavineschools.org Principal 
Christine Wirt Elementary School cwirt@napavineschools.org Pre-School/Special Education 
Eric Anderson Elementary School eanderson@napavineschools.org PE/ MS Soc. Studies 
Susan Williams Elementary School swilliams@napavineschools.org Nurse 
Rachel Davis Elementary School rdavis@napavineschools.org Music 
Rebecca Stark Elementary School rstark@napavineschools.org Librarian 
Tabitha Handly Elementary School thandly@napapvineschools.org Lead Elementary Custodian 
Angela Hunsaker Elementary School ahunsaker@napavineschools.org Kitchen 
Nancy Evans Elementary School nevans@napavineschools.org Kindergarten Teacher 
Laura Schouten Elementary School lschouten@napavineschools.org Kindergarten Teacher 
Joleen Stanley Elementary School jstanley@napavineschools.org Kindergarten Teacher 
Deanna Neumann Elementary School dneumann@napavineschools.org Interpreter  
Roxanne Smith Elementary School rsmith@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Raeann Hendricks Elementary School rhendricks@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Michelle Ross Elementary School mross@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Kristi VanWyck Elementary School kvanwyck@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Kristine Robertson Elementary School krobertson@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Julianne Alvord Elementary School jalvord@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Jessica Gilbert Elementary School jgilbert@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Heather Milton Elementary School hmilton@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Danielle Shea Elementary School dshea@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Dana Lyons Elementary School dlyons@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Corrine Subitch Elementary School csubitch@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Cori Fulleton Elementary School cfulleton@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Amber Valentine Elementary School avalentine@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Jody Low Elementary School jlow@napavineschools.org ELL 
Elizabeth Meldrum Elementary School emeldrum@napavineschools.org Dean of Students 
Samantha Bradley Elementary School sbradley@napavineschools.org Custodian 
Dana Keller Elementary School dkeller@napavineschools.org 6th Grade Teacher 
Bryan Bullock Elementary School bbullock@napavineschools.org 6th Grade Teacher  
Brian Demarest Elementary School bdemarest@napavineschools.org 6th Grade Teacher 
Shirley Stanton Elementary School sstanton@napavineschools.org 5th Grade Teacher 
Sali Stratton Elementary School sstratton@napavineschools.org 5th Grade Teacher 
Clea Johnson Elementary School cjohnson@napavineschools.org 5th Grade Teacher 
Shari Myers Elementary School smyers@napavineschools.org 4th Grade Teacher 
Jordan Hunt Elementary School jhunt@napavineschools.org 4th Grade Teacher 
Cindy Mitchell Elementary School cmitchell@napavineschools.org 4th Grade Teacher 
Tracie Johnson Elementary School tjohnson@napavineschools.org 3rd Grade Teacher 
Heather Teitzel Elementary School hteitzel@napavineschools.org 3rd Grade Teacher 
Cathy May Elementary School cchesley@napavineschools.org 3rd Grade Teacher 
Marcy Salme Elementary School msalme@napavineschools.org 2nd Grade Teacher 
Leah Schutz Elementary School lschutz@napavineschools.org 2nd Grade Teacher 
Dani Bullock Elementary School dbullock@napavineschools.org 2nd Grade Teacher 
Sarah Bruneau Elementary School sbruneau@napavineschools.org 1st Grade Teacher 
Rebecca Hansen Elementary School rhansen@napavineschools.org 1st Grade Teacher 
Alison Kotenberg Elementary School akotenberg@napavineschools.org 1st Grade Teacher 
David Rutherford High School drutherford@napavineschools.org Wood Arts, MS Woods 
Margaret Ross High School msross@napavineschools.org Special Education 
Peter Larson High School plarson@napavineschools.org Spanish 
Connie Barton High School cbarton@napavineschools.org Secretary/HS Student Records 
James Carney High School jcarney@napavineschools.org Science 
Jason Prather High School jprather@napavineschools.org Principal 
Rex Stanley High School rstanley@napavineschools.org PE, Health 
Conner Hogue High School chogue@napavineschools.org PE/Health 
Keely Lewis High School klewis@napavineschools.org Math 
Emily Ivie High School eivie@napavineschools.org Math 
Ryan Green High School rgreen@napavineschools.org Library / Media Specialist 
Michael Christie High School mchristie@napavineschools.org Lead High School Custodian 
Karen Rains High School krains@napavineschools.org Language Arts 
Troy Reardon High School treardon@napavineschools.org Int. Science, MS Math 
Tina Christianson High School tchristianson@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Robin Bostwick High School rbostwick@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Debbie Brown High School dbrown@napavineschools.org Instructional Aide 
Susan Shepherd High School sshepherd@napavineschools.org Independent Living, Cultural Arts 
Emily McCarthy High School emccarthy@napavineschools.org HS History/ MS English 
Kari Walstad High School kwalstad@napavineschools.org English Language Arts 
Josh Fay High School jfay@napavineschools.org Dean of Students/Athletic Director 
Jeffrey Holmes High School jholmes@napavineschools.org Custodian 
Lynne Simmons High School lsimmons@napavineschools.org Counselor 
Sherri Jeske High School sjeske@napavineschools.org Business Teacher 
Dan Craig High School dcraig@napavineschools.org Band / Chorus 
Amanda Dalebout High School adalebout@napavineschools.org ASB/Attendance 
Don Jensen Maintenance djensen@napavineschools.org Maintenance Supervisor 
Joel Mars Maintenance jmars@napavineschools.org Maintenance 
Susan Anderson Middle School sanderson@napavineschools.org Social Studies 
Andy Macomber Middle School amacomber@napavineschools.org Science 
Jay Terry Middle School jterry@napavineschools.org Mathematics 
Brooklynn Lowe Middle School blowe@napavineschools.org Language Arts 
Matthew Ross Technology mwross@napavineschools.org Technology Supervisor 
Bobbi Hamilton Transportation bhamilton@napavineschools.org Transportation Director 
Teresa Bunnell Transportation tbunnell@napavineschools.org Bus Driver 
Michael Frietze Transportation mfrietze@napavineschools.org Bus Driver 
Melinda White- Wallace Transportation mwhitewallace@napavineschools.org Bus Driver 
Mark McLaughlin Transportation mmclaughlin@napavineschools.org Bus Driver 
Keegan Wallace Transportation kwallace@napavineschools.org Bus Driver 
Jennifer Marx Transportation jmarx@napavineschools.org Bus Driver 
Leslie Rothschiller Transportation lrothschiller@napavineschools.org Bus Aide 
Darrel Gray Transportation dgray@napavineschools.org Bus Aide 
Showing 97 items