Levy Information

Levy Information


On February 12, 2019, the Napavine School District will be going out to its voters for a Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy.  Passage of Proposition 1 would help Napavine School District fund educational programs and operations not funded by the State of Washington, including, but not limited to: class size reduction, nurses, after school enrichment activities, after school tutoring programs, middle and high school athletic activities programs, transportation outside of the basic school day, curriculum replacement, technology upgrades and enhancements, maintenance and operations outside of basic education funding, special education programs not funded through basic education, security and emergency preparedness. 

The proposed three-year local levy will not fully replace but partially replace the District’s current local levy approved by the voters in 2016, which expires at the end of 2019. The current local levy was at the tax rate of $2.40 per $1,000 of assessed value and produced $925,000 annually. Passage of Proposition 1 would replace the local levy at a lower tax rate of an estimated $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value. Based on anticipated increased assessed property values due to anticipated growth, levy collections would provide $687,924 in 2020, $756,716 in 2021, and $832,388 in 2022. Because recent changes to state law reduced the District’s maximum local levy, overall tax rates for combined District levies will decrease starting in 2019.

Exemptions from taxes may be available to certain homeowners. To determine if you qualify, call the Lewis County Assessor at 360.740.1392.  You can also find more information here:  https://lewiscountywa.gov/assessor/senior-disabled-persons-exemption

Video on Levy Facts                                                                   
Video on Levy Expenditures (Promises Kept)


How Much Are We Asking?
  • $1.50/$1000 of assessed valuation is the tax rate with new legislation (this is a 37% decrease in our current levy)
    • $687,924 in 2020
    • $756,716 in 2021
    • $832,388 in 2022
*State School Tax is enacted by Legislation, this is not a Napavine School District Tax

  • Legislation changed laws so that you can collect up to $2500/student for $1.50/$1000.  If $1.50/$1000 does not reach the amount that equals $2500/student you get whatever amount that rate collects.  If $1.50/$1000 does not reach $1500/student the state contributes money (Levy Equalization Authority) to make it so a district collects at least $1500/student for $1.50/$1000 tax rate
    • For 2020, we would collect about $860/student with the amount, so the state would kick in $640/student LEA
      • We do not receive LEA unless we pass a levy at $1.50/$1000
      • Compare this with our current levy, it is still approximately $400,000 less each year
Graph Demonstrating Levy & LEA funds
  • McCleary decision added more funds from the state to the formula that provides school with basic education needs, yet it does not cover the entire cost of education.
What does the levy pay for this time around? (it helps support all of the following)
  • Lowers Class Size
    • State Funds 40 teachers and we have 50 teachers
      • Helps fund speciality and elective classes: Elementary and Secondary Music, Foreign Language, Art, AP Computer Science, Middle School Robotics, Advanced Math, etc
      • State funds are based off of a formula (prototypical school model) and it is based off of student enrollment.
        • So Napavine School District gets funded for partial teacher time so the levy offsets that to make it a full time teacher to lower class sizes.
          • Example: 3rd grade is funded for 2.6 teachers (26 students per class) and with the levy we are able to have 3 teachers (21 students per class)
  • Classified Staff
    • State funds 13 classified staff and we have 23 classified staff: Instructional Aides, Recess Duty, Cross-Walk, Nurse Time (State funds 13 minutes per day and we have a requirement for a full-time nurse due to high medical needs of students), Clerical Help, Custodial, Maintenance/Facilities, etc.
    • Extra Curricular Activities
      • Drama, Yearbook, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Clubs and Club Advisors (such as FFA & Skills USA), Knowledge Bowl 
      • Middle School and High School Athletics
  • Instruction
    • Professional Development for staff
    • Technology Updates and Equipment
    • Curriculum Updates and Interventions
      • Textbook Adoptions and Instructional Materials
    • Field Trips and Field Trip Transportation
    • Subsidize Special Education

  • Facilities
    • Maintenance
      • Preventative Repair, Building Upkeep
      • Equipment Replacement
    • Facilities and Grounds
      • Upkeep grounds, fields, gyms
      • Equipment Replacement
      • Utilities
  • Transportation
    • Subsidize Transportation To and From School
    • Extra Curricular Transportation (Field Trips, Athletic Competitions, Music Competitions, Academic Competitions, etc.)
  • Safety
    • Improve Safety Measures for Students and Staff
      • Facilities
      • Training