School Policy

  1. Enter playground quietly from the hall to prevent disturbing other classes
  2. No eating, drinking or chewing gum
  3. No spitting
  4. No chasing games that involve touching/pushing
  5. Stay in the playground area and leave only with permission
  6. No toys from home (including sport toys)
  7. No throwing of objects other than playground balls when appropriate
  8. Share equipment
  9. Use only appropriate physical contact and language
  10. Respect one another
  11. Notify supervisor if accidents occur
  12. Dress appropriately for the weather and stay dry
  13. No playing on fences
  14. No pencils, crayons, or paper taken outside
  15. Line up immediately when bell rings or whistle blows

  1. Use good manners, be orderly and take turns
  2. Keep noise to a minimum
  3. Do not throw food
  4. Eat own food
  5. Remain seated until dismissed
  6. Clean own area when leaving
  7. Use proper personal hygiene when working in kitchen area

  1. Enter and exit in an orderly fashion
  2. Keep hands and feet out of the way of others
  3. Have respect for performers and speakers
  4. Respond appropriately and be a polite listener

  1. Keep noise to a minimum
  2. Load and unload in an orderly manner
  3. No food or drinks on bus
  4. Treat driver with respect
  5. Keep aisles free
  6. No breakable items
  7. Walk where the driver can see you
  8. Keep windows clear of hands and objects
  9. Notify driver of any problems or injuries
  10. Help keep bus clean


Discipline is critical to the success of any individual and is always needed when groups of people are in close proximity. We believe each student is responsible for his/her own behavior and that we will intervene only when the student will not take care of that behavior. Normally students just need to be reminded that they need to change a certain behavior but when warnings do not work more formal actions
must be taken. Students may be written up and placed on a level program where they lose recess privileges and other types of privileges to being suspended and or expelled in some cases. Some serious
offenses which can lead to immediate suspension and/or expulsion, include but are not limited to the following:
  1. Weapons or explosive devices of any kind (Minimum: one-year expulsion and notification to parents and law enforcement)
  2. Possession and/or use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol
  3. Fighting/assault, threatening or verbal abuse
  4. Arson or vandalism
  5. Disruption of the educational process
  6. Blatant disrespect, or refusal to follow reasonable directions
  7. Out of control behavior