Special Programs

Schoolwide Title I

Napavine Elementary participates in a federally funded Schoolwide Title I program.  Essentially, this means our primary goal at Napavine is to ensure that all students in our school meet proficiency in State Academic Achievement Standards.  As a School wide Title Building, we particularly address students who show need for assistance when a need is clearly identified in these core subject areas.  Additionally, all teachers at Napavine elementary are determined to be highly qualified in their subject areas.  Parents may contact the district to request the teacher’s professional qualifications.

Napavine Elementary has a family involvement policy that describes different ways that families can be involved in the Title I program through parenting, communication, volunteering, learning at home, decision-making, and collaborating with the PTA and throughout our community.  This policy is reviewed each year at fall student conferences and adjustments to the policy are made to fit our students and family’s needs.

A district committee meets throughout the year to plan, evaluate, and review the Schoolwide Title I program.  Family, School, and students share in the responsibility of student learning by signing a yearly school/parent contract that was reviewed by this committee.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP) 

Eligibility for the Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is determined by Washington State Test results.  Student assistance through the LAP program may be additional support within the classroom or a short pull-out group to offer assistance on specific skills that are challenging a student.  This support will always be in addition to general classroom services.

For more information about how you can be involved in these committees or as a volunteer to support our programs, please contact the school office.

Highly Capable Program

Our Hi-Cap program is made up of K-12 students who are nominated by parents, teacher, or self-nominated.  Nominations are accepted in September and October each fall, and forms are available in school offices and on the district website.  These nominated students must then meet a set criteria established by the State and Napavine School District.  The screening process will take place following nominations and students who qualify will be notified at fall Parent-Teacher conferences.  The screening process includes:

  • score in the 95 percentile or better in a major area of the standardized achievement test
  • or, score a level 4  in Reading, Writing, Math, and pass Science with level 3 or 4 on the MSP
  • upon parent permission, students who meet one of  the above mentioned standards are then given the CogAt, a test of cognitive skills. Hi-cap students fall generally in the top 2 percentile for cognitive aptitude, the top 10 percent academically, and demonstrate exceptional ingenuity.

Students who are part of the Hi-Cap program take part in differentiated instruction activities in the classroom.  In addition, opportunities will be provided for students in the program to meet together for enrichment activities.