High School and Beyond Plan

The following items are expected of all students grades 9-12
  1. A three-ring binder will be required of each student.
  2. Group work is allowed if the teacher who assigned the group activity will sign off that the student contributed to the activity as documented.  The student would present the entire project with an addendum of what they specifically contributed to the project.  If the assigning teacher agrees that this constitutes a significant contribution, they would sign the student’s documentation approving it to be included in a sample of best work. No more than one group activity may be used per year with a total of two during the four years of high school.
  3. Students will be responsible for keeping their own projects.
  4. If students request copies of material already provided to them (test results, for example), a duplication fee for labor and materials will be charged

Community Service

At the junior and senior level, the volunteer community service verification will consist of a form signed by the supervisor verifying the number of hours worked. The exact nature of services that would qualify as “community service” is at this point up to the discretion of each advisor. Each advisor must pre-approve an activity before the student undertakes the service or shadowing.

Make Up

Students who transfer in after their freshman year will have their High School and Beyond Plan requirements proportionately reduced.

Students who fail to complete a High School and Beyond Plan requirement on time must make up the missing items as directed by their advisor. A Best Work item may not be made up but can be replaced by the student serving 30 hours community service helping the custodian after school; two missing Best Works would require 60 community service hours helping the custodian. Other items to be made up are subject to consultation with the advisor and principal.
Connie Barton,
Jun 29, 2016, 1:28 PM