Hybrid FAQ



  1. How do I find out if my child(ren) is(are) on A or B day?  Student A/B designations are in Skyward family access next to Homeroom.


  1. Can I get my A / B day changed?  Sorry, no.  There are so many variables involved with evenly scheduling 400 students that we are not able to make changes.  Students have the option to attend on campus on the designated days or continue remotely.  

  1. Does my child have to wear a mask?  Yes.  With medical documentation, a student may wear a face shield that also has cloth covering head and neck areas.  Teachers have to follow the same requirements.  Please ask if you have specific questions. 

  1. What does student arrival in the morning look like?  Doors will open at 8:15. Please help us by having students arrive as close as possible to 8:20 (first bell), classes start at 8:25.  All students will report to their first period class upon arrival for health screening, though students may pick up breakfast in the commons first and take it with them.  Students will remain in classrooms once they are on campus.  Students may not hang out in the hallways or commons during non-class times. 


  1. How will the health screening process workParents will be able to health screen at home by completing an online survey (2 questions).  Students with an electronic device can then show their approval screen (a green checkmark) to enter first period.  Or, teachers will check temperature and ask the same 2 questions as students enter first period.  The questions are: 1. Have you had any symptoms from the list?  2. Have you been exposed to COVID?  

It is VERY important for students that are not feeling well or have been exposed to COVID to stay home.  Students who develop symptoms at school will be sent to the nurse and parents will be called to pick up.  Informal checks to begin each class period and throughout the day may occur to be proactive in catching symptoms. 

  1. How many students will be in a classroom?  This varies.  We are able to maintain appropriate distance in all classrooms in the hybrid model.  Middle school classes range from 2-15; High School classes range from 2-14. Middle school band is at 20 and they are planning to be outside.

  1. Will students stay in the same groups for all classes?  No.  At the MS/HS this would be virtually impossible.  It often works out close to that in MS with fewer electives.  We have cut the number of contacts and movements in half with our 3 period block and alternating day schedule. 


  1. How will moving between classes work?  Staff will remind students to keep masks on, maintain distance, etc.  and help monitor passing times.  Again, we have reduced passing times and contacts by half with our block / hybrid schedule.

  1. How will lunch work?  Students will move to their High School and Beyond Advisor at 11:35 for lunch and Tiger Time. This is a 50 min. block (25-30 min. Lunch, 20-25 min. Tiger Time = HSBP, study hall, etc.).  Numbers range from 4-12 and most are single digit.  School meals will be delivered to classrooms.  Please plan for an old fashioned cold lunch. We will not be able to provide students access to vending machines, microwaves, and other food preparation locations/items.

  1. Will students be using lockers and locker rooms? No lockers will be issued.  Locker rooms will be used for PE / Wts classes in small groups, rotating as needed, that maintain distance.  It is recommended that students have a backpack to hold clothes and personal items and backpacks be brought out to the gym during class.   

  1. How will restrooms be operated?  We will instruct students on a 1 person at a time policy and do our best to maintain that while promoting hand washing. 

  1. How will dismissal work?  Students will be dismissed at 2:00 PM.  Students will exit buildings to board buses or other means for leaving campus safely and efficiently.  Distancing and masks are required on buses and until students are off campus. Students may not hang around campus unless participating in a sanctioned activity and under the direct supervision of school staff. 

  1. What will remote learning look like in the hybrid model?  About half of students are learning remotely Monday-Thursday and all students are remote on Friday’s.  Remote learning will be much like it is currently.  Classes will be taught at the same time for in-person and remote learners who will complete and submit work from home.  Teachers will have office hours for additional support from 2-3:30 PM.  On Friday’s, there will be no zoom meetings, students will work independently and teachers will be available for support.

  2. How can I get more information about these or other topics?  Your child’s HSBP advisor is a point of contact.  You may also contact the office at 262-3301.