Flyer Distribution

Napavine School District recognizes the important role that nonprofit organizations play in providing educational and cultural programs for district students in non-school hours. To facilitate that communication while at the same time conserving resources, the Napavine School District has developed a Flyer Distribution procedure that will help disseminate the information to our students and families.

The District does not endorse or recommend any program or event. Literature or announcements must come from nonprofit organizations which are both compatible with the objectives of the School District and have social, recreational or educational value to the students. They must also be approved by the Superintendent or designee.

  • Flyers must be from not-for-profit organizations and have approval from the district to be distributed in schools

  • Once flyer is approved for distribution it can take up to five (5) business days for fliers to be available for distribution at schools

Flyers are considered for approval when:

  • Programs and events are held within Lewis County.

  • Events have social, recreational and educational value to students.

  • If available, scholarships are prominently displayed and offered for students who cannot afford the services, and scholarship information is clearly explained on the flier or have a link to webpage or a contact for more information.

  • The sponsoring organization's name and contact information is clearly displayed on the flier.

  • The sponsor is a not-for-profit organization.

  • School names are included only as part of the location information for those events which are held in District schools. Flier information and layout should not imply that because an event is held at a school that the event is endorsed by the school or District.

The following disclaimer is clearly displayed on all materials:

This is NOT a school-sponsored activity. The Napavine School District has neither reviewed nor approved the sponsoring organization or its program, personnel, and activities announced in this flier. The sponsoring organization and participants agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the District, its Board of Directors, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, expenses or rights of action, directly or indirectly attributed to the organization, or its program, personnel, and activities. Permission to distribute this flier should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation of the program by the District.

The district cannot approve the distribution of any material that:

  • Contains words, images, or symbols that are lewd, obscene, vulgar or sexual in nature;

  • Advocates for a specific political issue or viewpoint;

  • Contains language that is proselytizing in nature;

  • Substantially disrupts, or may reasonably be forecast to substantially disrupt or materially interfere with, the educational process or School District activities;

  • Undermines the School District's curriculum;

  • Advocates or promotes the violation of existing laws, regulations, or ordinances, or official School District policies, rules or regulations, or poses a substantial risk of causing a violation of the same through the flier's distribution;

  • Places the School District in a non-neutral position with respect to a matter of controversy in relation to which the School District wishes to remain neutral;

  • Contains commercial taglines, logos, advertisements or other promotional material of for-profit entities and commercial activities except for a limited placement of logo(s) of event or program sponsor(s); or,

  • Does not prominently display on the first page the disclaimer set out above.

To Request Posting of a Flyer:

STEP 1 -Provide Documentation

The following procedures need to be completed by all organizations prior to consideration:

  • Review NSD Policy and Procedures

  • If applicable, have on file with the District proof of the sponsoring organization's federal 501(c)3 status or state nonprofit status. Materials from for-profit companies do not qualify.

  • Approval will be required for each flyer that your organization wishes to have distributed in schools.

STEP 2 -Provide Electronic Version of Proposed Flyer

The following procedures must be completed for EACH flier request:

  • Electronically submit proposed Flyer to (.pdf versions of requested e-flyers preferred). If you have questions, please call (360) 262-3303.

  • As some families do not have internet access, you must provide 30 bundled and labeled copies for each school which would benefit from your offering. These copies will be for counter/table top distribution only and will be made available for a period of two weeks. Deliver bundled and labeled copies to the Napavine School District at 413 East Park Street Napavine, WA 98565. DO NOT distribute directly to schools.

You will be notified within 5 business days via email of approval/denial and approved flyers will be distributed within 10 business days of request.


For more information contact Amber Woodrum at (360) 262-3303 or