District Performance Data

The Napavine School District is proud of our tradition of excellence. The Napavine School District measures its performance to ensure our students receive a top-quality education. The performance data on this page presents our achievement and growth data reflecting our performance in the state achievement assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics. There are also links to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's School Report Card on the performance indicators in which all school districts are measured. We encourage you to look at the data and if you have any questions please contact the district office (360-262-3303). We are very proud of our students, teachers and community's success.

In order to go to Napavine School District information click on the "School Report Card" link below and go to the section "I want to see data for a school or school district" and then type in Napavine. If you would like to see the overall state data, click on the "School Report Card" link below and go to the section "I want to see data for Washington State".

Performance Indicators Data

-School Report Card

-OVERALL Napavine School District and School Data

Napavine School District Comparative Data

Please click on the separate links below that will take you to individual graphs that show how the Napavine School District compares with schools in the Educational Service District 113 (list of schools found HERE) as well as how Napavine School District compares with Lewis County schools.

-17-18 English Language Arts Proficiency

-17-18 English Language Arts Growth

-17-18 Mathematics Proficiency

-17-18 Mathematics Growth

-17-18 Attendance