Title IX Training

Title IX Training

Title IX and Gender Equity in Athletics

Over the last 10 years, more new sports opportunities have been added for males than for females, despite the fact that females are still significantly underrepresented in athletic programs. The determination of equality is based on comparing the treatment of all male participants to the treatment of all female participants. This course provides staff members and administrators an overview of Title IX and how it applies to college and university athletics programs. Topics include: the history of Title IX, legal requirements and compliance, equality in treatment and benefits, and common questions and myths.

Presented by Donna Lopiano, via Vector Solutions

Donna A. Lopiano, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Sports Management Resources, a consulting firm that brings the knowledge of experienced former sport directors and sports management experts to assist colleges and universities in athletics program strategic planning, growth and development challenges.

Title IX and Sexual Harassment

Title IX applies to a variety of topics and can be confusing to some. Although most employees don’t need to be legal experts, everyone needs to know some basic information about Title IX. This introductory course is designed to provide postsecondary staff members with information about the importance and implications of Title IX and sexual harassment, including sexual assault. Topics covered include the definition of sexual harassment, Title IX’s regulations and obligations, and the elements of effective policies.

Presented by Michelle Issadore, via Vector Solutions

Michelle Issadore is the vice president (association management) for The NCHERM Group; the former senior associate executive director for the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA); and the former executive director of the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE). She works with schools, colleges, and community organizations nationwide to assess and improve their strategic prevention efforts, as well as to research and understand best practice initiatives. Issadore has a BA in psychology and women’s studies from Brandeis University and an MEd in college student affairs from The Pennsylvania State University.

Title IX Compliance Overview

Title IX is used to prevent discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funds. Specifically, the law governs the way in which institutions must handle accusations of sexual harassment to ensure that investigations are transparent and fair. This course is designed to provide school staff with an overview of Title IX regulations to ensure that their school district is in compliance. Topics covered include the role of legal precedent, regulatory and subregulatory guidance related to Title IX; relevant terminology used in Title IX guidance; and guidelines school districts must follow to remain in compliance with the law.

Presented by Megan C. Farrell, via Vector Solutions

Megan C. Farrell is an advisor and consultant to educational institution clients with a focus on Title IX compliance. She is also the Title IX coordinator at Palo Alto Unified School District and Notre Dame of Maryland University. She has developed and delivered Title IX compliance training (in person and online) and has audited Title IX practices and policies at universities, colleges and K12 districts. She holds a Bachelors of Arts from Loyola University, a Juris Doctor from Delaware Law School, and a Masters of Business from University of Maryland. She also holds certificates in bias and inclusion from Cornell University; mediation from San Francisco Bar Association; restorative justice from the Center for Restorative Justice; and mentor coaching through the Coach Training Alliance, an International Coach Federation program. She can be reached at megan@titleixconsult.com.